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second practise at spires lakes 6'11'10

November 6, 2010
well, iwas back at spires again today for another practise before the match on sunday next week. after a walk around the lake i chose peg18 as i had a great margin swim and some good open water. and finaly it had a easy chuck to the main island. my rigs. silver fish rig; 8 elastic, 4x12 float, small bulk below the float so the bait can fall naturally through the water, size 20 hook on a 2.5lb hooklength. carp pellet waggler; 3SSG pellet waggler float. size 18 PR36 with a band on a hair rig. bomb rod to island; light bomb, korum Quick change bead, 15cm 6lb hooklength with a korum QS.

primed up silver line with 1 cup full of maggots and micros. cast out to island with meat. first cast = carp second = carp. then it went very quiet. swapped onto pellet waggler and took 1 carp. onto silver line for 3 hours and caught about 40-50 silvers for 5lb 3oz. 3 carp then on bomb in last hour for an overall weight of 24lb 6oz. poor but due to conditions it was ok. really need more though in match next week.

have a look at this!!!!!!!

dominic garside(14)

first try at spires lakes 2'11'10

November 2, 2010
hi guys i was off to spires in nth. tawton in devon. i chose to fish peg 7 because it had a good open water swim and a good easy chuck to the main island. also it had a good margin swim which looked very fishy and capable of a lump or two.

my rigs were a 4x12 small float and a strung out line of no.13 stotz with a tiny size 20 hook on 3lb mainline and 2.5lb hooklength that was setup for silverfish which i had a target of around 12lb. my carp rig was a 4x12 float with a bulk and two droppers of...
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first post 27'10'10 private fishery pleasure

October 28, 2010
this is my first blog on my website;

today i am fishing at a private fishery in Devon and after a very wet and cold night i loaded up the gear into the car at 8;30 and headed off to the best carp fishing venue in Devon. on arrival there were a few more anglers already there so i decided to choose a corner peg as i had heard from the owner that there was a guy there yesterday putting in allot of bait. so i wheeled my gear round to the desired peg to find some very good signs of fish feeding alr...
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